Recover iPod Files

Deleted AVI File Recovery

Have you deleted AVI files from iPod? Are you looking forward to get back deleted AVI files from iPod? You just no need to worry about it. Here comes iPod recovery software exclusively developed for iPod users to retrieve deleted AVI files from iPod. Its powerful recovery algorithms help you to recover files from iPod without any difficulties. Most of the industry experts and recovery professionals have recommended this as very good application to retrieve iPod data.

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. AVI is a multimedia container format first released by Microsoft in November 1992. As the name indicates AVI format has both audio and video data within the space of a single file. It basically means that there can be a synchronized playback of both audio and video format at the same time. These files use less compression than other video formats. IPod is most renowned and trendy device among the music lovers for its convenience to listen to songs anywhere and at any time. It stores different types of media files like MP3, AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, WMV and many more. AVI is a most widely used file format in iPods. However AVI files are also have the data loss problems like any other media files. Generally you may lose AVI files from iPod due to deletion under certain circumstances.

Errors made by human beings are the main reason for deletion of AVI files from iPod. Usually we delete unwanted files from iPod to free up the storage space for saving new data. While deleting some unnecessary files there are chances of deleting some important AVI files. Virus attack corrupt iPod files so to get rid of virus you may opt for an anti virus program. While scanning the file with anti virus program if the program sense that the file is severely damaged beyond repair then the file is deleted by anti virus program. This situation lands you in data loss if the deleted file is of high importance. Sometimes it may happen that you accidentally click on the format option provided in iPod. In this case it does never shows any mercy on user and wipes out all the data from iPod including AVI files and creates new file system.

Deleting the file from iPod does not mean that the file is permanently erased. The file system just deletes the file pointer pointing to that file and the space occupied by file is marked as free to save new data. Actual file remains intact until it gets overwritten with new data. IPod recovery software retrieves such data with simple mouse clicks.

No matter how the AVI file is deleted from iPod you can make use of iPod recovery software to get back required files. This tool is equipped with advanced features to recover WAV files from iPod Classic along with other popular media file formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, MIDI, AIF and AMR. Other than music files you can also restore deleted images from iPod Nano and from other iPod models namely iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic and iPod touch. You can recover different image file formats like GIFF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF etc. It can recover more than 300 file formats based on their unique signatures. While synchronizing the files with iTunes if the synchronization process fails due to some errors and files are lost then you can make use of this software to restore lost files from iPod after iTunes synchronization errors. You can download the demo version of this application and evaluate its performance by previewing the recovered AVI files. Later you can purchase the software to save retrieved files.

Steps to recover deleted AVI files from iPod:

Step 1: Download and install the utility on your computer. Then connect iPod to your computer. Open home screen of the software and select "Recover Photos" as shown in Fig A.

How to Recover Deleted AVI Files - Home Screen

Fig A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select iPod from the list of logical drives and click on "Next" button to initiate recovery process as shown in Fig B.

How to Recover Deleted AVI Files - Select the Drive

Fig B: Select the Drive

step 3: After the completion of recovery process a window with the list of retrieved AVI files will be displayed on the screen as shown in Fig C.

Uncompressed WAV File Retrieval from iPod Classic - List of Recovered WAV Files

Fig C: List of Recovered AVI Files

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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